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About WestCo’s Swing

End of Term Aug 2018


By Dancers, For Dancers…

Founded nearly 10 years ago by two dancers, Jan & Steve found a venue and dared to dream of a weekly class in Petts Wood, the club has seen many of the UK’s top teachers pass through the doors over the years. WestCo’s is renowned for being one of the friendliest clubs you can attend with members happy to dance with everyone.

A year ago Pauline took over the management of WestCo’s and the club continues to grow and flourish. The second WestCo’s club opened in Leatherhead in April 2018 and our Kent venue near Ashford, opened in July 2018. WestCo’s aim to provide high quality teaching in a fun and encouraging environment where you can be free to push yourself and get support from the WestCo’s Crew and Members to help you through the tricky times. We all remember what it is like to be a beginner again and we encourage more experienced dancers to engage with the newer students.

WestCo’s are passionate about growing the WCS community in this country and are happy to work with dancers of all levels to help them become the best dancer they can be. Whether you simply want to learn it as a new hobby or want to think about competing seriously, WestCo’s will work with you to help you achieve your dreams. We have an incredible teaching team and if they do not know it, they will know someone who does!

At WestCo’s we believe dancing and learning should be fun. It can be frustrating starting a new hobby and not progressing as fast as you would like but ultimately we want you to enjoy the challenge and the experience. We understand everyone learns at their own pace and our Crew are very happy to help and encourage you. We do encourage home practice too.


We are in the process of drawing up our WestCo’s Dancing Code of Conduct and this will be available as soon as possible.
In the meantime we ask our Members to follow our Basic Code of Conduct


DO YOUR best! We are all different, we learn in our own way and time. Be patient with your fellow dancers/ students as you would like them to be to you.


ASK others to dance, whether you lead or follow. Make the effort to do your share of asking for dances, especially if you see someone    new or sitting out for a while. (Please never take a refusal personally and please always be considerate and polite if you are refusing.)


NEVER teach on the social dance floor! Social dance time is for having fun dancing, making mistakes and learning from them with fellow dancers/ students. It is not the appropriate time to critique your partner or ask for advice.


CLEAN Hands & Clothes – maintaining good hygiene is important as in close proximity to others. Regularly wash your hands, use deodorant and bring clean t-shirt/ top to change into if you sweat.


ENJOY the learning, love the dance! We want you to enjoy your time at WestCo’s, it is your leisure time after all. Constructive feedback always welcome 🙂

* R

RESPECT for others. Respect your teachers and fellow students by not talking in class and disrupting the lesson. Pay attention on dancefloor so not to bump into others and apologise if accident happens.



* Payment on the night at the door is non refundable.

* Courses paid for in advance are valid for the dates stipulated only and generally run for six consecutive weeks. Patrons inability to attend means a loss of that lesson. No missed lessons can be carried over to the next course. If the venue has a problem, we will offer an alternative date.

* A non refundable deposit may be required to secure your booking.
* As these events have to be balanced with Leads and Follows, it is only possible to sell your tickets on to a third party, if they can fulfil the role booked. (You cannot swap a follow for a lead place for example)
* WestCo’s Swing cannot attempt to resell the ticket for you until their own ticket allocation is sold. Once this threshold has been met,
* WestCo’s will try to resell your ticket but cannot guarantee a result.

*** While every effort is made to help you if you are unable to attend, we may not be able to help you in selling your ticket. Please try to be understanding and think of it inn a similar way to a concert ticket you purchase.



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