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New WCS Chicks…soon to be fully fledged Westies!

At WestCo’s we really love seeing dancers confidence grow as they begin to learn and expand their dance repertoires. It is a major part of the motivation for why the team give so much time behind the scenes to keep it all going. People learn in different ways and in different time frames. What works…

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New for 2019 – The Practice

dance practice coaching support

  Breaking the Mould! At WestCo’s we are all about community building and while our initial focus was on New-2-WCS/ Beginner Dancers, we are identifying venues at present for the next phase of our WestCo’s Swing – Dancer Development Programme – The Practice. (Dates out soon) WestCo’s have researched WCS and how it is structured…

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Planting Cherry Trees Not Scrumping!

With having opened two new clubs in 2018, we often hear comments of ‘you must be raking it in’ or ‘going for global domination through dance’ or any number of assumptions that it is about filling our pockets quickly. It is a sad reflection on our society, that people choose to see our actions as…

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Seasons Greetings

OUR CLASSES ARE NOW FINISHED FOR 2018 & WHAT A YEAR IT HAS BEEN! Running three classes a week since July with our new ‘Sister Clubs’ in Leatherhead, Surrey & Hothfield, Kent has certainly kept us busy! The newer clubs are in areas where no regular weekly classes have been available so we are building…

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Bodhi Adventures Continue Into 2019!


  A Magical Afternoon in One of My Favourite Places to Dance What a wonderful way to finish our year of classes, workshops and socials with the Festive Bodhi Tree Dance last Sunday. The video above shows you the venue all set up and ready for people to arrive. It really is a beautiful space…

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With opening two new dance classes in 2018, we hear a lot of assumptions being made by people reacting and not thinking things through. Opening new clubs takes a lot of time behind the scenes, an increase in costs, commitment and a LOT of determination! We are lucky to have members who contribute and help…

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Why Dance? Why West Coast Swing?

We probably all agree that dancing is good for us and benefits our health and well being. Dancing enables us, in a fun way, to increase the blood flow, giving our heart and lungs a workout as well as the perfect conditions to burn fat. Using our muscles to dance builds tone, strength and improves…

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End of Term – Summer Break

Happy Holidays Everyone We have had a great year at WestCo’s, new guest teachers including Browly from Strasbourg, Lee & Fabienne from Easton Swing have brought new things for you to try and our incredible pool of regular teachers continue to motivate you to keep learning every week. Keep up the good work everyone. Fiona…

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The Bodhi Tree Dances

Bodhi Tree, Sunday Dancing, West Coast Swing, WCS, Herons Bonsai, Lingfield, Cool Dance, Tea Dance

We feel privileged to bring you a series of social dances exclusively for our WestCo’s Members & Friends. The aim of these dances is to provide the vibe and environment to help you enjoy dancing and build confidence on the social floor. These dances are held in a bespoke dance studio situated in the most…

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Coming Soon – ‘The Slot’ & ‘The Sunday Slot’

WestCo’s announce that we have been listening to our patrons again and many of you expressed an interest in a social where you could use other dance skills on the floor while perfecting your West Coast Swing. So with that in mind, we came up with ‘The Slot – The Freestyle for Slotted Dancers!’ We…

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