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Coming Soon – ‘The Slot’ & ‘The Sunday Slot’

WestCo’s announce that we have been listening to our patrons again and many of you expressed an interest in a social where you could use other dance skills on the floor while perfecting your West Coast Swing. So with that in mind, we came up with ‘The Slot – The Freestyle for Slotted Dancers!’

We are currently working out dates but the first one will be announced during the summer break, so please do watch this space.

WestCo’s completely understand how tricky it is when you are proficient at one dance and learning another. Some people love being beginners again, others not so much. We believe if you enjoy the learning, you will love the dance.

No dance police are present at any WestCo’s social. You are welcome to dance to the music as you wish 🙂

Tic toc…

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