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Fiona Gardiner

We are very lucky to have a dedicated teacher for our Beginners Programme. Together Pauline and Fiona have developed a programme which is accessible for everyone and provides a structured and progressive learning environment which gets everyone dancing WCS quickly and having fun.

Fiona completed her GPDIA Basic Teacher Training with Hall of Famer – Robert Cordoba and carries the same passion as Robert to get more people dancing WCS. Fiona’s enthusiasm for dancing is infectious .

As a new teacher she continues to refine her teaching approach building on the feedback and progression of students. She is committed to expanding her knowledge and experience and regularly travels to learn from the top teachers in the world, bringing back this information to the beginners programme.

Fiona is embarking on a year of full time studying to do her Masters in Dance Science this year but we are very happy to say, she will still be teaching throughout this time.

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