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Pauline & Patric - WestCo's

Organisers & Community Builders

Taking over the running of WestCo's a year ago has enabled Pauline & Patric to bring their business experience to the dance world she loves so much. It has even resulted in Patric investing in some dance shoes after 27 years of resistance πŸ˜‰
This dynamic husband & wife team know what it takes to make a real difference and are committed to ensuring WCS is more accessible and inclusive for all.

Pauline started with ballet classes at an early age but was excluded for growing too tall, she moved on to tap and modern stage before discovering Rock n Roll dancing in her teens. Moving to London in the 80's she discovered Pineapple Dance Studios, the Jiving Lindy Hoppers and her love for swing dancing exploded.

Decades later Pauline is delighted to be sharing her passion for dancing with Patric. Both of their daughters also dance and Skye has DJ'd many times bringing a youthful flush to our music policy.

Regulars now on the social dancing scene in the UK, you are sure to see them at an event near you soon πŸ™‚


We have a pool of regular teachers who work in rotation to bring you the best quality teaching with guest teachers dropping in when it can be arranged.

At WestCo's we aim to introduce you to other teachers and organisers, so that when you want to spread your WCS wings, you will know some faces already and feel more at home in our growing dance scene.

Spread that WCS love around πŸ™‚



All our teachers are available for private lessons. (Prices range from Β£25 - 70 depending on experience of teacher)

Privates are the perfect opportunity to get feedback on your dancing and work on any areas to improve your technique.
​You can come with a specific issue in mind or just ask the teacher what you need to work on.

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Paul Warden

Paul is a world class, Champion level dancer and one of the most experienced WCS teachers in Europe.Β Any night Paul is in the house you know you will be challenged…

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Richard James

Richard is known for his smooth style and love of social dancing. He has been teaching many years and is qualified through the GPDIA. He dances at Advanced Level in…

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Fiona Gardiner

We are very lucky to have a dedicated teacher for our Beginners Programme. Together Pauline and Fiona have developed a programme which is accessible for everyone and provides a structured…

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At WestCo's we are very lucky to have fabulous Guest Teachers who come to work with us regularly throughout the year.

From International 'Hall of Famers' to Home Grown 'All Stars' WestCo's aim to introduce you to other teachers to give a broad view of the dance.


At WestCo's we understand the benefits of having great DJs. We aim to bring you the best WCS DJs on the London scene for your dancing pleasure.

Wherever possible, we recruit an experienced DJ but we also support people wishing to try their hand at DJing by offering them a short set.

Playlists have their place but nothing beats an experienced DJ with their finger on the dancefloor's pulse.

Paul Abbot – WestCo’s Resident DJ

Paul is our Resident DJ at WestCo’s and always the one we turn to first when we have an event. Paul covers the decks every fortnight at our Petts Wood…

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Sarah Piddington

Sarah is a WCS Hall of Fame DJ and we are proud she fits us in to her busy schedule. You can be sure when Sarah is at the helm…

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Catherine Bickle

Catherine has been active as a WCS DJ for many years now. She has a love for music that is evident in every set she plays. Always an eclectic mix…

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