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Why Dance? Why West Coast Swing?

dancing makes you smartWe probably all agree that dancing is good for us and benefits our health and well being.

Dancing enables us, in a fun way, to increase the blood flow, giving our heart and lungs a workout as well as the perfect conditions to burn fat. Using our muscles to dance builds tone, strength and improves stamina, making everyday tasks easier.
Exercise (including dancing) produces ‘feel good’ chemicals in our brains, as well as burning up stress related hormones, making us happier and healthier. Recent research has also shown that dancing is a great way to keep your brain actively learning and can prevent the onset of dementia.

When you combine all of the above with the social interactions you get from dancing, you create the perfect hobby 🙂

These benefits could have you checking Google for local dance classes but what style to learn?


Why Choose West Coast Swing? (WCS)

West Coast Swing is a smooth partner dance with it’s roots in swing dance but it’s head very much in the present day. It is a constantly evolving dance and changes to accommodate the popular music of the day as well as incorporating music from many genres.

WestCo’s are passionate about West Coast Swing and believe it to be one of the best partner dances.
The fact it has a smooth action and uses stretch during the dance means WCS provides great exercise with all the associated benefits but with the added extra of being less demanding on the body in terms of impact.

Benefits of WCS
* LESS WEAR & TEAR – As well as the general benefits of dancing itself, WCS is a smooth dance with less impact to the body (more like walking than jogging.) This means that while you still get the benefits of weight bearing exercise like strengthening of the bones, you do not get the same wear and tear on joints like knees.

*LESS INJURIES – WCS uses stretch and compression in the dance which makes a softer impact to the soft tissues of the body (muscles, ligaments, tendons) meaning  less likelihood of injury, meaning more dancing.

* IMPROVED COMMUNICATION – At it’s best, WCS is a true conversation between lead and follow where both people can influence the dance and this practice of listening and watching is a great life skill to learn and develop. This dance is all about teamwork and working together. Non verbal communication skills develop along with the dance as you get more proficient.

* THE MUSIC – We play current popular music as well as a mixture of genres from through the years. In WCS the tempo tends to be slower that in previous years but can include faster and slower tracks. Faster tracks help you with cardio fitness and the slower tracks help  you build strength. More importantly there is usually something for everyone.

* THE DANCE – You can keep this dance as simple as you want, just learn the Basic patterns and enjoy coasting. However, there are multiple levels to enjoy in this dance and you could spend the rest of your life improving and perfecting, if that is what you wish to do. It is all about choice.



People have many different reasons for dancing and understanding your own motivation will help you choose the right dance for you.

Personally, I have always seen dancing as a dream world where I just escape and absorb myself in the music. Partner dancing is a great way to learn to work as a team and has helped me enormously over the years.

Some people see it as an escape, others an activity for health, a hobby, others take it seriously and want to compete…whatever your motivation…we all want the same thing…to enjoy the dance and the learning too.

Hope to see you at a West Coast Swing social somewhere soon and please do ask me for a dance if you recognise me 🙂







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